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A Day In The Life...

To help you understand a little of what we will be doing, I thought I'd share the contents of a typical day on the rally with you all.
Lunch @ Hitlers Hoose!

1. Get up earlier than you want to
2. Realise the time
3. Have a quick splash and teeth brush
4. Realise you're about to miss the window for picking up the first road book of the day
5. Dash off and beg the forgiveness of the loverly Rhiannon (Bora da my lovely!) to get the 
aforementioned road book

6. Realise that everyone else is leaving and your asthmatic 300tdi (minus turbo - a short embarrasing
story for another time!) aint gonna catch most of the teams up... and you've still to take the tent

7. Dash back to tent and start taking it down
8. Realise you've left your glasses inside the now folded tent  Shocked
9. Unpack tent
10. Re-pack tent
11. Realise you've folded it wrong and it won't now go into the bag  ShockedShocked
12. Re-pack tent.... again
13. Find space for tent, beds, chairs, sleeping bags, kip mats, table, two ring cooker with grill, gas bottle,
booze not drunk the night before and other stuff that for some reason is STILL lying scattered around
14. Realise that the sound you can't hear is the sound of ANY other team...!
15. FINALLY get everyone aboard (after the all important loo stop)
16. Realise you've left the road book in the tent....  ShockedShockedShocked
17. Unpack tent
18. Re-pack tent
19. Throw road book at nagivator
20. Leave campsite
21. Spend a "short time" reaching the end of the day's "adventures"
22. Report to marshalls at campsite, hand in ration packs (Not food... but just as important - Emergency
"This is where we are going" envelopes!)
23. Search for a decent spot in the now well populated campsite that doesn't back onto  the
French/Belgian/German loos (The Dutch ones are pretty benign!!)
24. Un-pack equipment
25. Sit down with a well deserved beer... sweat dripping from your proboscis
26. Realise neither of you have eaten... and are actually quite smelly....
27. Think "Sod it!"
28. Take long apreciative pull on aformentioned beer, deciding to deal with it all in the morning!
29. Wake up earlier than you wanted to......etcetera...etcetera...etcetera!!!

And now ladies and gentlemen... you know why we do it... Now would someone please explain it to me?!!