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ChugaboomChugaboom pre Rally 2010 Mods

Chugaboom is a 1995 Land Rover Discovery 300tdi that has worked hard over the past 17 years. Purchased to replace a 200 series Discovery 3.5 V8 with a blown big end, it came with a transfer box full of rattley bits, saggy suspension and some very sad front seats.

Thanks to some friends at MRM Services, the best parts of the old one were used to replace the knackered parts of the new one and Chugaboom was born. Over time a variety of modifications have been made, a full list of which is at the bottom of the page.

It hasn't all been a bed of roses of course. Shortly after purchase, the clutch gave up and needed to be replaced. Then the turbo blew up... twice! The piste de resistance however, was 8 weeks prior to the rally in 2010, the big end went... again!

Once again with help from Shrek (he knows who he is) and the helpful gang at Douglass Motors a replacement engine was in place in time for the starting flag.

Chugaboom crawling up in low first gear!Chugaboom had one last sting in the tail however, which finally saw him christened with the moniker associated with the diminutive gangsters The Ant Hill Mob.

At some point during the first few days of the innaugral rally in 2010, unknown to the gallant Team Skibum, Chugaboom blew a gaping hole in the turbo hose. All that nice high pressure air for the engine... was wafting out of the engine bay.

The result... some pedestrian behaviour in the mountainous regions of Holland (!) and a gradual decrease in forward momentum the further into the real mountains the struggling crew got. Finally, on the last hill on the last day of the rally, the Motorvator was forced to bite the bullet and change down to low range first gear to climb to the Eagles Nest car park!

Those happy and helpful people from the AA teams took one look and spotted the problem, the spare part was on board so ten minutes later... Chugaboom had recovered it's puff!

Happily Chuggaboom was very polite on the rally in 2011 and got us there and back with no problems at all. Three days after getting back however... the transfer box gave up the ghost!

2012 was an eventful rally for poor old Chugaboom and an expensive one Team Skibum. We lost servo assistance to the brakes, which made for some real intense driving at times. Initially this was diagnosed as the brake servo, so, through a friendly independant Land Rover specialist in Arnham we bought a second hand servo (for first hand money!) and, instead of having a ball at the next special stage, Frank spent an hour or so with his head in the engine bay fitting the new(ish) part. Sadly, it transpired that the vacum pump had failed, so another day was lost sourcing one from the same friendly specialist. A brand new vacum pump was the only answer and happily, that was the end of the mechanical shennanigans for Team Skibum.

Though as a footnote, Chugaboom awaits diagnosis after a failed timing belt in the outside lane of the M6 just before Xmas... We think Chugaboom may need open heart surgery for the rally this year!


Kumho KL71 235/85 Tyres
Steel Modular Wheels
2" Suspension Lift
Guardian Rock Sliders
Kenson Steering Guard
Defender A-Bar
Hella Spotlights
T-Max Split Charge System
Wizardbilt Axle Breather System
Heavy Duty Front Winch Bumper
Heavy Duty Rear Bumper
(though apparently not H/D enough... one end is now higher than the other!)
(Update - both ends are now the same height... battered the good end of a rock!)
Britpart 9000c winch (Turns out they aint waterproof!)
(Solenoid moved to back of engine bay)
(Controller socket moved to rear of front wing)
Removable Tow Hitch
Roof Bar & Lights
Safety Devices Roof Rack c/w additional high lefel front lights
High Lift Jack & Carrier
Scratchbuilt Rear Load System (Inspired by Ralph)
Rear Door Checker Plate & Pioneer Tool Storage
CB & Loudspeaker
Supplementry Rear Light Clusters
Rear Work Lights