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Team SkibumHero Bear Making Friends

Team Skibum for 2014 consists of Frank McGoldrick & Andrew Somers, both of whom have connections to one or other branch of the services.

Frank spent seven years in the regular army, five years in the TA and five years as an Army Cadet Force Instructor. He seems to have weaned himself off the military lifestyle!

Andrew has grown up as the son of a serving soldier and has experienced life moving from one married quarter to the other.

Having both experienced some of trials and tribulations of service life, Frank & Andrew both understand the realities of life in a war zone. This is Frank's fifth rally with a need for a new co-driver, Andrew jumped at the chance to do something to support The Blokes & The Blokettes.

Frank is the driver of the team, the Motorvator, he tried his hand at navigation to give Catherine a rest last year but... well... let's just say he was more suited to driving! Though, as was proven on a recent trip to Wales... he's not a fan of side slopes... especially when made of wet clay with a covering of wet leaves!

Frank is an amateur mechanic in the truest sense, does it when he has to, and it takes three times longer than planned with umpteen other problems discovered along the way. Through Land Rover ownership (the real ones, not these shiny, driven by computer ones) he has developed a rounded sense of "What's gonna fail next?" and this year is planning to have a go at learning to weld... that may be interesting!

Andrew is the one who points the vehicle in the right direction, the Nagivator. As this is the first time he has come up against the devious and dastardly twists and turns put into each of the road books by Keith & Tim, things may not go smootly to start with.