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H4H 4x4 European RallyBig Ted at Utah

The event will start at Noon on Saturday 14th June 2014 at a "secret" location in North Wiltshire. After using byways on Salisbury Plain the route takes the teams to Portsmouth to embark on the ferry over to France.

It will be a 2000 mile/3200 km expedition and will travel through 7 countries in 12 days; concluding in Bavaria, Germany.

This non-speed touring assembly, with a maximum entry of 45 teams, will be part military history tour (including museums etc), fun activities, part off-road driving and part club-type social, open to road-legal 4x4 vehicles. The whole focus is the raising of funds for the event’s chosen charity, HELP for HEROES.

The original Arnhem Bridge in the Pegasus MuseumIn addition to Normandy, the H4H Rally route will visit the Market Garden and Rhine offensives at Arnhem, Holland, where on 17 September 1944, in the largest airborne operation ever seen thousands of paratroopers descended from the sky by parachute or glider up to 150 km behind enemy lines.

The rally route then turns south, to Bastogne in Belgium where in the coldest winter for decades, the Germans made a final push – the Battle of the Bulge.

Towards Germany, the rally travels through the Alsace region of France and its Maginot Line fortifications, then onto Dachau and its horrors of war. We end our journey at Hitler's "impenetrable" Eagle's Nest at Berchtesgaden.

Full Itinerary

Saturday 14th June 2014 – Day 1 – England,
‘Prelude to Invasion’ – 228.2Km (141.8 Miles)
At 1130hrs we leave Littlecote House Hotel, North Wiltshire and engage 4-wheel drive to traverse the roads and byways of Salisbury Plain (a WWII training area – still in use by today’s armed forces as a major military training ground). We then make our way on towards Portsmouth, where we will board the overnight cross-channel ferry to Caen.

Overnight – Brittany Ferries ‘Portsmouth-Caen’ Route

Sunday 15th June 2014 – Day 2
‘Fortress Europe’ – 105Km (65.25 Miles)
Near Caen we visit Pegasus Bridge and its museum, followed by a ‘green-lane’ drive to Arromanches. Situated on the Normandy coast, famous for the D-Day landings, Arromanches is not only perfectly located to visit other battlefield sites of Normandy but is home to a fascinating museum and impressive 360 degree, 9 screen cinema, showing wartime footage. A visit to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer will also form part of the day’s route. An early finish; a rare event! A BBQ for the entire rally is planned for 1830hrs and is being organised by the campsite.

Overnight – Arromanches

Monday 16th June 2014 – Day 3
‘Moving Inland’ – 274.4Km (170.5 Miles)
To St-Marie du Pont, Utah Beach then St. Mere Eglise – the first town liberated by allied forces. Then on to Carentan, the Norman town that was one of the Allies’ earliest objectives. In the afternoon we journey inland and visit places of WWII historical significance in the aftermath of D-Day; before returning to the coastal area early evening.

Overnight – Arromanches

Tuesday 17th June 2014 – Day 4
‘Remember the Fallen’ 494.4Km (307.2 Miles)
To Ypres in Belgium via the Somme; the Western Front – with its many WW1 cemeteries and memorials. We will attend the Menin Gate in Ypres at 2000hrs to hear the Last Post being played and pay our respect to the fallen of the First World War.

Overnight – Ypres

Wednesday 18th June 2014 – Day 5
‘WW1 & Op Market Garden’ 415.7Km (258.3 Miles)
We start the day touring some of the WW1 sites around Ypres. Then to the Belgian/Dutch border; and the first part of “Hell’s Highway,” the route followed by the British XXX Corps as it attempted to reach its embattled 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem.

Overnight – Arnhem

Thursday 19th June 2014 – Day 6
‘Remember September ‘ – 218.5Km (135.75 Miles)
We will visit the Airborne Museum and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery at Oosterbeek to pay homage to those who fought in Operation Market Garden, the largest airborne operation of the war. After crossing ‘A Bridge Too Far’, a 4×4 scenario is planned for the afternoon routing back along Hell’s Highway and‘The Island’.

Overnight – Arnhem

Friday 20th June 2014 – Day 7
‘The Battle of the Bulge’ – 349.2Km (217 Miles)
Onwards towards Belgium, then a scenic run through the Ardennes to our destination: Bastogne, the site of an epic eight-day stand against the Germans in December 1944.

Overnight – Bastogne

Saturday 21st June 2014 – Day 8
‘The Bois Jacques and Beyond’ – 124.4Km (77.3 Miles)
The day involves a circuitous but historic loop around Bastogne and includes a visit to the La Roche museum dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge. Late in the day you will pass Bois Jacques and Easy Company’s foxholes overlooking the village of Foy.
We conclude our WWII tour of the Bulge.

Overnight – Bastogne

Sunday 22nd June 2014 – Day 9
‘The Last Patrol’ – 380Km (236.1 Miles)
From Bastogne we head south into Alsace, France; an area famed for its wine and Maginot Line fortifications. After that, the journey passes through Haguenau, the site of some of Easy Company’s final battles and several daring patrols thence into Germany and the beautiful scenery of the Schwarzwald (the Black Forest).

Overnight – Calw-Altburg in the Black Forest

Monday 23rd June 2014 – Day 10
A transit day in which takes us towards Munich – Munich 246.2Km (153 Miles)

Overnight – Near Munich

Tuesday 24th June 2014 – Day 11
‘The Atrocity of War” – 315.75Km (196.2 Miles)
On April 29, 1945, as they advanced towards the Bavarian Alps, the allies liberated a satellite of the Dachau Concentration Camp at Landsberg. We will visit Dachau, site of some of the most nefarious acts against humankind during the war. Our goal approaches as we travel south-east through Bavaria routing along the vistas of the Alpenstrasse and arrive at our destination – Berchtesgaden.

Overnight – Berchtesgaden

Wednesday 25th June 2014 – Day 12
The Eagle’s Nest‘ – 15.8Km (9.8 Miles)
Our final motoring day of the rally ends at Adolf Hitler’s Alpine retreat at Berchtesgaden, where (weather permitting) we will visit the Eagle’s Nest and the remains of the vast Nazi Party complex liberated by American Forces in May 1945. The afternoon is free.

Evening: 1800hrs/1830hrs is the Final Meal & Prize Giving.

Overnight – Berchtesgaden